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Discover OneFam's series of family journals. A fun and interactive way to capture and preserve your family story.

  • Beautifully designed illustrations to make this a beautiful lasting present
  • Guided prompts and questions help you tell your story
  • Full color interior
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Create Your Family Tree

Create Your Family Tree

Get started with your online family tree in minutes. Simply sign up, add your parents, siblings, children, grandparents and other family members.


  • Preserve Images, Videos, Audio, Stories & Events
  • Invite & Connect with Family Members
  • Create and Share Family History
  • Available on Web, Mobile and Ipad

Discover Your Ancestry DNA Origins

Discover your family story through OneFam's Ancestry DNA testing.
Identify the places your family members have originated from and much more.

Discover Who You Are!

- Learn about your ethnic origins

- Trace your family's origins accross continents

- Discover your family's migration routes

- 800,000 genetic markers tested

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With a team of over 30 professional genealogist,OneFam enables you to dive
deep into your family history on a voyage of discovery across generations.

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