12 Great Activities for Mother and Son to Develop Better Relationships

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Activities for Mother and Son Overview

Boys in any family can be quiet different from girls, especially for the parents. Boys can be much more adventurous and involve themselves in all kind of trouble and adventures. As a parent, this can mean hilarious and rewarding times as well as a few sketchy moments. Boys never sit still, there is always something new to do or learn or an adventure on the horizon. Its important for a parent to involve yourself in a relationship which allows both the mother and son to develop a better relationship. The activities for mother and son below will help to bond and develop better relationships and open the lines of communication.


12 Activities for Mother and Son


1. Go for a Bike Ride

Spending time together is the key activity for mother and son bonding. A Bike ride is an excellent time to allow experiences to be shared and to open up the conversation. Bike rides can be mini adventures or just ice cream trips. It’s a great way for a child to see his mother in a fun and youthful way.

2. Cook a Meal Together

Activities for Mother and Son which involve food tend to have a lot of success and for good reason. Planning and cooking together create a sense of teamwork between the mother and son. Boys, even though they may not say it, love to cook. Added to this is the fact that basic cooking is an essential skill for any boy to have. This can even turn into a bigger activity which involves drawing weekly meal menus or plans for all the family.

3. Write in a Secret Journal

Writing in a journal which is passed back and forth between a mother and son is a great tool to open communication and discuss the things that are difficult to say in conversation. A journal can be a safe place to discuss feelings as well as have fun activities such as sharing and recording memories, pictures, drawings etc. Having a secret journal between mother and son creates a feeling of a shared secret, which in turn creates a special connection that only the two of you share.
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4. Go for a Swim

Swimming is another great activity which can be shared between a mother and son. When boys are learning to swim, they often turn to their mother or father for safety. Learning to swim with your boy and later swimming with you boy will create and remind him of the trust he has in you.

5. Visit the Local Zoo, Museum or Aquarium

A visit to almost any attraction can ensure that a fun day is had by both mother and son. A mother can engage with her son by discussing what interests him most and planning the visit to the attraction together

6. Go to the Cinema

A trip to the movies is always a great way to enjoy each other company. You can share laughs, popcorn and the full fun of the cinema. While you may wish to always let your son choose the movie, it can be a great bonding experience for him to accompany you to movies you wish to see or movies that influenced your childhood.

7. Go Through Family Photos

Flicking through photos is a great activity for children. Often a child boys struggle to understand the place in the world. Looking through old photos teaches about family, family life and gives the boy a sense of belonging. It’s also exciting for them to learn about his mother, her life and adventures. Even creating a family tree online can be hugely interesting for a boy. Get started with OneFam’s secure and free online Family Tree.

8. Complete a Race or Activity Together

Often a small piece of adrenaline can help foster better bonds. Find a race or activity where both the mother and son can work together. A wide range of activities can be considered. Activities can be as simple as building a rocket for a school project, building a go-cart or just entering a competition together. Building it together will certainly increase bonding and create the sense of a team.

9. Donate old Toys to Charity or Volunteer

Helping others is an important lesson for any boy growing up. A trip to a charity shop to donate old toys or volunteering at a local event for the day is also a great way for a mother and child to bond in a fun and inclusive environment. A lot of volunteering events are a kid-friendly and welcome parent and child participation.

10. Go on a Hike

The value if fresh air can never go unnoticed. A hike is an excellent activity for Mother and Son. It is a great way to improve conversation and teach your son about plants, nature, wildlife, animals and hiking. Preparation for the hike can be fun, simply include your son in the drawing up of a checklist and involve him in the planning of the activity.

11. Go Camping

Camping is always a wonderful way for a mother and son to bond in an environment that is not their home. From planning the trip to pitching a tent to cooking, a camping trip is filled with teamwork and bonding activities. There is nothing a boy loves more than roasting marshmallows on a fire under the stars….even if it is just in your backyard or local campsite.

12. Kid Coupons

Kid coupons can be a whole lot of fun and another set of great activities for Mother and Son. Coupons enable the son to request special play dates with parents, meal requests, cinema trips and are an excellent communication tool for mother and son.  Get some fun activity Kid Coupons from Amazon



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