Best Apps to Trace Your Family History

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It can be difficult when starting out researching your family history to know what are the best apps to trace your family. Plotting your own family tree is a great way to connect with your background and get to know how exactly you and your relatives ended up where you happen to be today. There is a wide variety of resources available online to provide you with all the help you need in this regard. However, the real issue is where do you begin? For your convenience, we have rounded up the 4 best apps to trace your family background in this article. Let’s have a look.

Best Apps to Trace Your Family

The apps below are some of the currently available best apps to trace your family. Whether by diving into records or collaborating together, you are sure to discover lots of new and exciting information about your family.

1.    OneFam

OneFam is a free app available for Android, iPhone and iPad. It enables family members to connect, share and protect their family history. To being, a family member must create a family tree. Once created, other family members can be invited to the tree. Families collaborate together, contributing images, video and audio messages to member profiles. Any family member of the tree can create family events or stories and attach multimedia files to the story.

OneFam has built-in access to cameras, so you can create photos of old documents and upload to member profiles. The app syncs with the online website at and for the genealogy lovers out there, there is even a free desktop version.


2.    MobileFamilyTree 8

MobileFamilyTree 7 is an app available for iPhone and iPad. The app integrates FamilySearch, which is the world’s largest archive for genealogy. Needless to say, this app provides a significant amount of assistance in helping you research your own family tree. Unlike a few other apps, you don’t require a computer for building your family tree, since this is a complete app that works solely on your smartphone.

You can also take photos of the relatives within this app and upload them to the family tree. The only drawback is that at £10.49, the app is a bit pricey.


3.    Find a Grave

The thought of taking pictures of gravestones and then putting them online for others to see may sound rather strange. However, doing so offers a wealth of information for those researching their family tree. Find a Grave is one such app that does so, providing you a database of more than 100 million graves throughout half a million graveyards.

Find a Grave is designed to help you find everything you need to know about family graves throughout the world. You can establish the database if you transcribe memorial inscriptions and add pictures of headstones. What’s more, you can post a request for any local volunteers to search for your ancestor’s headstones in any cemetery.


4.    Who Do You Think You Are?

“Who Do You Think You Are” (WDYTYA) magazine is a fantastic place to begin. It belongs to a leading magazine for family history in the United Kingdom. The magazine is distributed monthly, whereas the app of this franchise is even better. It is available for free and keeps you connected to a forum where you can ask everything you need to know. You can get advice and trade information, which will definitely give you a good start. With the WDYTYA app, you have access to an increasingly growing community of genealogy enthusiasts online. Moreover, you can also pick up death, birth, and marriage certificates here.


5.    ShoeBox – Acquired by
By 1000memories

ShoeBox is the fastest method for scanning your old paper photos and sharing them with your family members and friends. This iPhone and iPad app have been featured in USA Today, Forbes, Oprah Magazine, Wired, GOOD, as well as the Associated Press.

With ShoeBox, you can digitize paper photos quite conveniently as your iPhone functions as a mobile photo scanner with this app. The app also has perspective correction and edge detection technologies to ensure the scans turn out fantastic and are quick. What’s more, this app lets you save the photos directly on to your family tree up on You can alternatively save the photos to your phone’s memory as well.

In order to find your feet, these apps are all you need. So if you are eager to begin your family history journey then you will definitely find them useful. Start researching your family history right away with these interesting apps!

Other apps which are available as paid versions include Ancestry, My Heritage and Find My Past.

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