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What are the Limitations of DNA Testing

There are many associated limitations of DNA testing. The DNA (or Deoxyribonucleic Acid) of a living being is the set of genetic instructions that constitutes to be the backbone behind functional development and moulding of physical and various other characteristics of a living organism.  Genealogical researches have greatly benefited from the uses and advantages of DNA…
September 14, 2018
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Autosomal DNA Testing for Beginners

Science has become more advanced and exciting over the past few years, and DNA genealogy is no exception. Many new techniques of DNA testing have been introduced that are not only very affordable, but also offer accurate results in a short amount of time. One such technique is Autosomal DNA Testing that helps us find our genealogical…
July 23, 2017
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 Learn About Hereditary Diseases and DNA Testing

DNA Testing is closely linked to connecting with one’s biological family and learning about family ancestry but is not limited to it. The use of DNA testing has been covering a wide range of issues and medical concerns which were not thought of as a possible option a few decades earlier. The advancement and development in DNA…
July 9, 2017
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How We Can Build a Family Tree With DNA

DNA genealogy is a nascent field and we are surprised at how quickly it is developed. Before DNA genealogy all that people had to look for ancestors were paper records. Paper records are fantastic and give us a lot of information about our ancestors but they have server limitations. For one thing, you can only…
June 7, 2017
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DNA Testing for Adopted Children

Adoption still seems to be a secretive process for some people. The lengthened procedures of agencies and the choice of couples to hide it from their children often leads to complications once the child gets to know about the adoption later in life. Without much information at hand about one’s biological parents or their whereabouts,…
April 26, 2016