Family Tree School Project

kennedy joint family Family Tree School Project

School Family Tree Project – Ancestry Lesson Plan

Family Tree School Project Lesson 2 - Ancestry Lesson Plan  Grades 9-12   Overview: (Activity = 60 minutes) This lesson is aimed at students aged 14 and up. It should be completed in pairs. Previous Work (Context): Learners should have already completed units on family trees including one of their own families. This activity is…
September 5, 2018
family tree Family Tree School Project

School Family Tree Project – Immediate Family

School Family Tree Project Lesson Plan 1 - Immediate Family This school family tree project lesson aims to make the student aware of their immediate family and the relationships that exist within their family through the creation of a family tree. Arts and crafts are used to engage the student in a fun environment. Several…
September 3, 2018