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Changing Family History – OneFam Launches New Software

Dublin, June 13th 2017. For immediate release.

Today OneFam launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. OneFam hopes to raise €10,000 to launch our beta version to the market with early bird offers on our ancestry DNA test and premium software subscription. OneFam’s goal is dominated by changing family history approaches in saving and preserving data.


OneFam Kickstater Promo from OneFam on Vimeo.

OneFam offers a truly intuitive way to create, share and protect family history. You’ll never lose a family memory again. Our software is free, collaborative, and very intuitive. While our Ancestry DNA test provides you with a unique way to discover your family history through your own DNA. Changing Family History methods of saving and capture is not an easy task but adding DNA to our product list will certainly draw users.



OneFam Features & Benefits

OneFam’s, is a startup in the which is changing family history markets worldwide, available on Android, IOS, IPAD, Web and Desktop with product features growing. Its benefits include:

  • Create a family tree
  • Capture audio, video, images and events on the go
  • Invite family members to collaborate
  • Family timelines, events and stories
  • Family finder and matching features
  • DNA ancestry testing
  • Discover lost relatives with DNA matching (2018)
  • Relive history with Virtual Reality features (2018)

OneFam’s applications are free to use and bring your family history to life. Whether researching your family history, creating a shared family legacy or just saving memories for future generations, OneFam offers a solution you can trust.

To get started, simply sign up, start your family tree, add parents, grandparents, siblings, spouses, children, cousins, aunts, uncles and their families.

Next invite family members to collaborate in a secure family environment via email, text message or Facebook. Watch your family history grow into a rich and colorful family experience to be relived for generations to come.

Imagine being able to leave a voice message on your daughter’s first birthday for her to relive years from now. Create a video interview with your parents detailing their childhood days or have your family collectively working together to provide you with the best photos, videos, and stories from your wedding day or family event. Changing family history traditions can now be a fun event experienced by all the family.




OneFam’s Story

Like most good stories, ours can be traced back to an event on the 13th October, 1941 when a force of Japanese soldiers invaded a town in China. A Chinese war hero emerged and a story began. Almost 85 years after the event a great-granddaughter was born, a girl that would never hear her great grandfather’s story or see him recount his story.

OneFam was created to protect our stories, our memories and family history. Family history is more than records, it’s the events, people, and stories that make us who we are today.


“63% of families are losing precious digital memories”



Facts & Figures

  • Founded in 2016
  • Chosen from over 70,000 start-ups to display at Dublin and Hong Kong web summits
  • Winner or multiple business awards
  • Over 15,000 user profiles
  • 22% Monthly return user rate
  • Recently launched Ancestry DNA Test product
  • Available web and mobile



Speaking on behalf of OneFam, Thomas O’Donoghue, CEO, has said that, “We believe that the OneFam platform, provides a technology feature set that is unique in the marketplace. Certainly, no other start-up is working on using virtual reality to change how we relive and experience family history.”

Augmented & Virtual Reality Features Coming 2018



OneFam Products

OneFams suite of products is transforming the way that families create, share and preserve their collective digital memories. Its focus is on user experience, with virtual reality and DNA matching expected to launch in 2018. The following products are changing family history.



If you are interested in discovering more about our campaign, products, applications or team, please feel free to contact us. Our Media Kit is also available including our slide deck, additional facts, press release and branding materials

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