How to Draw a Family Tree for School – Kids Project

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Why Draw a Family Tree for School?

Learning how to draw a family tree for school is an excellent school project as it introduces children to the world of genealogy. Children can learn a lot from creating their family tree and that’s not just about their relatives. Children can learn that they can control their own path in life and don’t necessarily have to follow those of their ancestors. They also learn that they are part of something bigger than just themselves. A family tree will help them understand that they are part of a chain, a link to a family and time in history.


What You’ll need to Draw a Family Tree for School Project

To create your family tree for a school project you will need some basic arts and craft items to start to draw a family tree. These include:

  • 1 sheet of paper (this will be your background page)
  • 1 sheet of green paper and 1 sheet of brown paper
  • Some additional coloured pages or markers
  • Some photos of your family members
  • Scissors, rulers, glue, pencil and eraser


Instructions to Draw a Family Tree for School Project

Making your family tree is easy. Simply follow the instructions below to draw a family tree for school. This is an engaging and fund lesson for both teachers and children in the classroom.

Step 1 – Firstly, take your brown page and your pencil. Draw an outline of a tree with several branches and sub-branches. The branches and sub-branches will represent the different family members in your family tree. If you do not have brown paper, you can simply color your family tree brown.

Step 2 – Next, take your scissors and slowly cut around your family tree. Once you have successfully cut your family tree out, paste it on to your background page.

Step 3 – Next, take the colored sheets and carefully using the scissors to cut some circles out from the colored sheets. These will represent the placeholders for family members on your family tree.

Step 4 – Carefully using the scissors cut out circular sections from your family photos. Now that you have your family tree members cut out, take each photo and glue these photos on to the colored circular paper pieces cut out in Step 3. If you wish you can color code your family generations or mix and match.

Step 5 – Next take the coloured paper pieces with photos are glue them to your family tree. You should start by putting you on the bottom, with brothers and sisters to your right and left. Your parents should be just above you on the family tree and their brothers and sisters to their right and left. Your grandparents should be just above your parents in your family tree.

Step 6 – Now that you have drawn a family tree and added your family members, its time to decorate and color your family tree. Feel free to draw birds, animals etc on your family tree. You can even cut additional shapes from your paper to help with the decorations.

Step 7 –  Finally, the most important step, add a title to your family tree. This could be “John’s Family Tree”


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Create a Family Tree at Home

If you have enjoyed this exercise on “Draw a Family Tree for School”, you will also enjoy getting all the family involved in creating your own family tree and family story online. To get all family members involved why not try OneFams’s Free Family Tree maker online. All data is private and secure.


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