Family Tree Vocabulary

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Family Tree Vocabulary for Kids

 As a child, it can be difficult to understand the many relationships and members within a family. This article will introduce you to the various family tree vocabulary and family members associated with a family tree.

Family Tree Vocabulary

The list below provides some of the key family tree vocabulary phrases and definitions required to understand a little more about a family tree.

Ancestor – This is a person whom you are related to, who is generally a generation above your grandparent.

Chronological – this is a series of events arranged in date order typically from the first event to the last.
Descendant – An ancestor’s offspring—children, grandchildren and every new generation in the direct line.
Family – This is a group of people who include two parents and a child.

Family Tree – This is a diagram that shows a person’s entire family. Typically a family tree diagram shows parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents.

Genealogy – This is the study of family history and identifying key information within a family’s history including names and dates.

Maiden Name – This is a woman’s surname before she was married and took the surname of her husband.

Surname – This is the last name of the person’s family.

Timeline – This is a list of key events organized in time sequence. When looking at a person within your family key events may include birth, educational dates, marriage, death etc.

Family Tree Members

The image below shows the key relationships within a family tree and can be used as a guide to explain the family tree to children. As a child, it can be confusing to know the different relationships within a family. This chart is an excellent way to get started with family trees and can prove to be a very useful exercise for children.

Family Tree Members for Kids

Family Tree Members for Kids

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