10 Easy Fathers Day Crafts Ideas for Kids

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Fathers Day Craft Ideas

Before we dive into all the exciting fathers day craft ideas, its important that we are familiar with the concept of fathers day and more importantly, when is Fathers day.

What is Fathers Day

Fathers day is one of those special dates in your calendar when we get to celebrate and appreciate fathers. Children can show their appreciation in a variety of methods including the creation of fathers day crafts. Later in this article, we will give you some ways father day craft ideas to make this fathers day one to remember.


When is Fathers day

Fathers day falls on Sunday, June 17th, 2018. It is celebrated by many countries including USA, Canada, the UK, Ireland, France, India, China, Japan, the Philippines and South Africa. While other countries choose to celebrate on a different date.


Fathers Day Craft Ideas for Kids

There is no need to find the perfect new tie or cologne this year. Forget about running to the shop this father’s day, with some simple planning you can make the perfect fathers day gift right from the comfort of your home. Afterall some of the best possible presents are the ones which require thought and some preparation. Listed below are some Fathers Day craft ideas and products which will have you perfectly prepared for fathers day.


1 – Dad Kids Activity Books
While Fathers Day craft ideas often involve starting from scratch. Activity and memory books are the perfect fun books for developing your relationship with your father this fathers day andbeyondn. OneFam offers a range of fun and interactive journals including Father Daughter Journals and Father-Son Journals. These are the perfect fathers day gift items.  In addition, OneFam offers hardback and softback memory journals for rathers to record and share their family history.
 Just Dad and Me - A Father Son Journal  Fathers Day Craft Ideas    

How to Get this:
Order directly from OneFam or Etsy or Amazon from $9.99 to $14.99.


2 – Dad Coupons
Coupons for Dad is the perfect gift for Dad, ideal for birthdays, events or just because. Present the booklet to your partner to use when they please or present a single coupon to them to use as a fun activity. 25 fun coupons in each pack to present to dad to ensure they have the perfect fathers day.

Father Day CouponsHow to Get this:
Order from Amazon at $9.99
Fathers Day craft ideas have never been simpler.
3 – DAD on Hearts Decoration
Fathers Day Heart Chain
Make the perfect fathers day craft idea with a just few essentials you should have at home. Some essential items include long cord, coloured velvet, clothes pegs, colored paper, a pair of scissors, glue and a pencil. Once you have all the necessary items its time to put the dad on hearts decoration together.

How to Make this:
Step 1: Cut out the heart shapes from the velvet paper. Ensure an adult is present should you need help with the scissors.
Step 2: Cut letters from the white/colored paper to create the letters D, A, D
Step 3: Next take the colored paper and cut three squares. Each square should be slightly bigger than the hearts.
Step 4: Glue the hearts on to the squares
Step 5: Glue the letters onto the hearts

Step 6: Take the clothes peg and attach the squares to the cord and hang in a place your dad is sure to look.


4 – Father’s Day Wall Art
This is a simple creative way to make a wonderful gift which can be treasured by Dad for years to come. Simply download and print the template, get some children paint and have the kids imprint their hands or feet on to the poster. For full details of this very creative fathers day craft idea, jump over to Glued to My Craft Blog. For an extra measure, you can add your fathers print also.
Fathers Day Craft Painting






5 – BBQ Set Holder
Dad’s love BBQ’s and what better way to celebrate Fathers day than by creating a BBQ holder for Dad. This is a fun activity and you can easily find all the tools and pieces you need lying around the house. Better still, why not ask Dad to help you create the holder and get some bonding time with Dad….just don’t forget the BBQ afterwards. See the full tutorial here.
Fathers Day BBQ








6 – Hands of Love Card
Spending time with Dad on Fathers day can be fun. This activity will allow you to create a wonderful keepsake as well as get some precious bonding time with Dad. Get the full tutorial here.
Father Day Hand Card








7 – Fathers Day Mix
Every Dad needs the perfect snack. This simple tutorial shows you just how to create the perfect present for Fathers Day. Just find a jar, create your label and stack full of Dads favorite treats. Your dad will certainly thank you after. Get the full tutorial here.
Fathers Day Jar








8 – Fathers Day Shirt and Tie
Just in case you thought we were running of Fathers Day craft ideas, here is one to really get you in the creative mode. Haven’t you always wanted to dress your Dad, well here is your chance. This fun tutorial enables you to create a fun collage or fathers day card for dad. Get the full tutorial here.
Fathers Shirt and Tie








9 – Super Hero Dad Gifts
We all know that the way to Dad’s heart is through his stomach. Here is the perfect opportunity to tell Dad how great he is and give him some of his favourite treats.
Get the full tutorial here.
Dad's Super Hero Gift








10 – Printable Dad Stickers Swag Stickers
Father Day Crafts IdeasOverview:
With this easy to print template, you can make the perfect stickers for Fathers day. You can let your dad know just how cool he is this fathers day. Fathers day craft ideas have never been easier.

How to Get this: Pop over to the Oh Happy Day Website to download the template. In addition, you will need a paper punch ($11 at Amazon) and an Avery sticker project paper ($12 at Avery).





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