Finding the Birthplace of an Ancestor Who Migrated

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Finding the birthplace of an ancestor can be difficult. Searching for ancestors who have migrated gets even more tricky. As you discover new places where they have been, you can often discover that vital pieces of information are missing. However, it is not impossible to trace the location they have settled in overtime and where have they resided for a long period. This type of information is usually required when one is trying to search for the country they moved to, but it is also required to gather information about the birthplace of the ancestors which have migrated to other countries.

Finding the birthplace of an ancestor is important when one is constructing a family tree or working on the family history, as the missing information could create a void in the flow of the data assembled.

The location of the birth of an ancestor who had migrated could make you search through various documents, it is better not to restrict yourself with just the immigration records.


Finding the Birthplace of an Ancestor

1 – Start With The Vital Records

The vital records of a person include the birth records, marriage records and death records. These records, if available, of the ancestor you’re trying to locate birthplace of could be containing the information pertaining to the birthplace.


2 – The Family Search

Searching for the family of the ancestor in order to search for his/her birthplace is an ideal way to locate the birthplace of the immigrant ancestor. This could be a part of cluster genealogy if in case there are few or no records available to locate the birthplace of an ancestor who migrated.


3 – The Search in Local Records

The local records such as libraries in the state where the ancestors were located, the biographies which may contain some information about the place from where an ancestor had migrated (most probably their birthplace, local genealogical records and town histories are some of the sources of information where you can find the birthplace of the ancestors who migrated.


4 – The Neighborhoods

The neighborhoods especially those of the small towns and counties used to be aw2are of the people residing in their surroundings. This could be of help when trying to acquire information about an ancestor’s birthplace that migrated, by looking for the neighbors/ communities of the place they moved to.


5 – Census Records

The government records such as the registered vital records and the census records are ideal sources when searching for the birthplace of the ancestors that migrated. The national level indexes contain information about all the people who have migrated into the country and that also contains information about the country from which they have migrated. This information could be sought to search for the birthplace of an ancestor. The church records also contain the information of an ancestor’s birthplace; also the records of bapt5isation of the ancestor’s children could reveal information about the same.


6 – Look Into The Death Records

The death records of an ancestor such as the death certificate, obituary notices, and cemetery records could contain the information about the birthplace along with the date of birth of the ancestor.


7 – The Property Records

If there are any of the property records present of the ancestor you’re searching the birthplace for, check with those property documents, wills, court records and land records so to look for the information regarding the birthplace of an ancestor.


8 – Immigration Records

It could be the case that the immigration records might not be found of an ancestor, but that certainly doesn’t mean to avoid them altogether. In fact, it is better to search for whatever immigration records are present so to check with them which country did the ancestors migrate from. The passenger lists of the country of arrival are one of the most important documents to search for when you start with the birthplace research of an ancestor. Also, the naturalization records are an important source to look into when trying to identify the birthplace of an ancestor who migrated from another country.


9 – Church Records

It is already known that the cluster genealogy helps in finding out much about the birthplace of an ancestor if any direct information is not available, similarly, church records link to the research as well. The marriage records in a church could be searched if the ancestor got married in the town he/she migrated to. In other cases, the birth records and baptism record of the children of the ancestor could be looked into in order to locate the information pertaining to the birthplace of an ancestor.)


Finding the Birthplace of an Ancestor Resources

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