How to Bring Family Together Using Keepsakes

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Discovering how to bring a family together can be difficult. Family keepsakes, despite their size and date they belong to, are a precious asset kept safe usually in closets and also to share the memories of past with the future generations. From the dust of the yesteryears, the new stories could take place with the memories kept safe and not only saved but cherished at any given time. With intrinsic value and regardless of their value in monetary terms, the keepsakes are almost always treasured by the families all around the world. But what could be the purpose besides being part of sheer memories? Keepsakes can be the perfect tool to bring a family together.

The purpose is not to mainly emphasize on the value of material requisites that some of the family members have used and kept safe for long, rather it is to bring up the same comfort, serenity, and security that the memories bring which are associated with the baby’s mittens or grandma’s china. The strong emotions that the family keepsakes evoke are the ones many are searching for, once the beautiful moments are a thing of past and are intently recalled to be relived.

It not only connects the emotions of past time but also the family as a whole for the purpose of keeping together the family’s memories and being able to link them to the lives of everyone having shared them.


Bring a Family Together Using Keepsakes

The following pointers will give you some ideas on how to bring a family together and the how keepsakes can be a powerful tool to open communication lines in a family.

1 – Start Giving Keepsakes

If you haven’t received many of the keepsakes over time, then worry not and start off with the family legacy now by giving keepsakes no matter how little or how inexpensive.  The beginning could always appear small but in no time the treasures would start to flow. It could be your favorite necklace you give or an antique you have always adored in your living area, it would create family keepsakes and would be treasured long after you’ve abandoned them. Another wonderful idea associated with it is to print the story of the family keepsake you’re gifting to someone and attach the story to the box.

Keep Family Together Keepsake

2 – Start Collection Small Items

It could be possible that it gets hard for you to figure out once you start thinking of what to give to any of your family members as a keepsake. For that matter, start collection of the items that could be a part of the family legacy and the entire drill could be better than you would have imagined. Small items such as maps, souvenirs, comic books, and coins etc could be the tiny items you could use as family keepsakes for the memories they contain.


3 – The Family Recipes

If you think cooking for your beloveds is something old school revises that idea because in many cases the traditional family recipes are more of a family heirloom that is passed on to generations and are accentuated with every taste it meets and every new addition it is been done to.  A special recipe is always a very important keepsake and if you plan to get a collection of your favorite ones to be gifted to your family members, it could surely bring joy every time they savor a morsel of it. Who knows some of your recipes might be popular in your own name rather than the generic one. Working together on family recipes can be a huge opportunity to bring a family together as the interaction can improve bonding and communication.


4 – Decorate the Family Keepsakes

The family keepsakes and the memories could be decorated in the family home in various different ways, it mainly depends on the nature of the items, and also the type of memories people would like to share. If you plan to proudly display the paintings and craftwork by your kids, go ahead with the idea of wall hangings. Similarly, the ornaments as family keepsakes, which have been kept safe, could be used as wall hangings too for decoration purpose.

The idea to share the family keepsake is not merely to fill up the house with memories of the time which have passed, rather it is to inculcate the similar value and love for the ancestral history of past generations that is rich with all the lessons learnt from the past, and material items are but only a way to reach out for the memories, physically. The family ties and bonding of the generations is highly important and in the busy routines and competitive lives, it often gets difficult to recall the family memories as one could in free time, that’s where the importance of family keepsakes is realized.


5 – Technology

Technology can help bring a family together and create a long and lasting bond. Often some fun and a sense of shared purpose can be useful in creating a united mindset. Applications such as OneFam web and OneFam mobile enable the family to collaborate together to create, share and preserve their family history. Applications like this foster communication and interaction which therefore builds the family bond. OneFam enables the family to create a family tree, then family members can collaborate to build a shared family history, adding memories (images, video, audio, events, and stories) and information surrounding events and people can be very interesting and fun. Each family member gets to share in family activity and history. This increases the unity and sense of belonging within a family which in turn can bring a family together and open communication lines.

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