How to Make Your Family Photos Last Forever

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Whether you are taking family photos and/or thinking about digitizing old family photos, your primary goal is always to make your family photos last forever. After all, it’s all about saving the memories and making sure they are available to generations that succeed you. This article will share a few tips on how you can make your family photos last.


Proper Storage

It doesn’t matter which medium you choose to store your photos on (whether digital or hard copy), you should always remember that the key is proper storage. As such, you need to properly store the photos in order to prevent loss. One idea can be uploading the photos to any cloud backup. You will find plenty of those if you do a quick Google search.

This also means storing the photos on the best available form of media. Of course, this keeps changing over time so you have to make sure you stay updated on this one.


Archival File Format

What you need to do is ensure that at least a single full set of the photos you have is stored in archival file format. This can be JPEG, JP2, or TIF. The TIF file format is the best in terms of quality as either using ZIP or LZW compression or being uncompressed. With JP2 photo file format, you should use the no compression setting (lossless), whereas, with JPEG, you should stick to 100 quality on Adobe 12 which is the best setting.


Organized Photo Collection

You need to keep your photos organized well so that you can easily retrieve them whenever you need to. Ideally, this should be done in the form of an easily understandable folder system which contains all the photos. A simple example of this photo collection is to make it understandable for all. What if you died tomorrow and the photo collection had to be passed on to your sibling or relative? Would they be able to understand it or not? Keep that in mind. Our article on organizing family keepsakes will give you some helpful hints on how to organize photos.


Label Your Photos

Photos with no description are less likely to last for a long time as they are bound to easily get mixed up and lost. As such, it is advised that you label all your photos. The labels can contain information regarding the person in the photo or even a name. For more information on labeling photos, read our article How to Label Digital Family Photos.


Digital Photo Album

You can try coming up with a digital photo album that contains the best of the best photos. These can be photos that best represent the family memories you have. In yesteryears when we didn’t have access to our own personal computers, family photos used to be contained in photo albums. Nowadays, you can easily have over thousands of photographs on your computer. So take some time out and sort them, copy the best ones and come up with a different folder that contains no more than a 1,000 photos. You can also save this digital photo album in a different format just to make it stand out. How about a PDF album? Our article on How to digitize old family photos will provide you with some additional information on creating a digital photo album.


Physical Photo Album

When all is said and done, physical photo albums still stand out as they have a different kind of appeal about them. Apart from having a digital folder where all the best family photos are stored, you can also have a physical album which contains archivally stable paper prints.


Share Your Photos with Family

This is the best way to make sure your family photos are passed on to succeeding generations. The more copies you distribute of your photos to family members, the more likely it is for the photos to withstand the test of time. Make sure you give the copies to your kids as well.

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