How To Use A Family Tree Template

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More and more people are interested in finding out more about their ancestors and their ancient ethnic background these days. Due to this growing interest, family tree and other genealogy projects are been undertaken by a large number of people. It is estimated that about 45 percent of the US population is interested in one or another form of genealogy. It is no surprise that more and more people today are searching for a family tree template.

If you’re looking to gather more information about your family and your historical origin, you should consider making a family tree. Whether you’re interested in a basic family tree chart or a more exhaustive, detailed family tree, this article provides you with the basic information you need to create your very own family tree using a family tree template.  


Choosing a Family Tree Template 

The process starts with determining the type of family tree you want to create. You may consider creating a basic family tree highlighting your close relatives for a school project or you may go for a more detailed and complex tree diagram if you’re genuinely interested in knowing your family genealogy. Depending on the nature of your family tree project, you may choose from the numerous free and for-purchase family tree templates available online.  

We are listing some of the most popular family tree templates for our readers’ convenience.  

  • Ages Online – If you’re working in collaboration with your cousins or other family members, you should consider using Ages Online. This is an internet family tree builder which offers different packages. The basic package starts from $39.95 annually. The best thing about this website is that all the information is stored online and can be accessed by authorized users easily. 
  • SmartDraw – SmartDraw is one of the most powerful family tree software available today. Using this software, you can draw family trees, genograms, genealogy charts, and much more. The software can be downloaded for free and has over 25 different templates for creating family trees and genograms.  
  • OneFam– The free family tree software available on web and mobile with over 25,000 users. Whether you’re creating your own family tree or working on a family history research project, OneFam offers a number of valuable features that can be used to create a family tree online for free.  
  • Of course, other software options are available from Geni, Myheritage and many more.

Using a Family Tree Template 

The process of creating a family tree online depends on the software you’re using. We’re listing the basic steps that are common to all family tree software programs. 

  • Enter The Information You Have – Many individuals assume that in order to create a family tree they must have detailed information about ancestors. In reality, creating a family tree is like hunting for a hidden treasure. You start by taking small steps and gradually start getting clues that guide you to your ancestors’ roots. So, begin with entering the information you have in the family tree template. 
  • Use the Hints – When you’re using advanced-level software, such as OneFam, you get hints that guide you to new discoveries. Use these hints to expand your family tree.  
  • Stay Organized and Updated – Once you’ve entered all the basic information, it’s time to add some interesting details about your ancestors. Upload all the photos, videos, and other historical records you have to make your family tree more organized.  

Using these three basic steps, you can create your own family tree and gather more information about your ancestors.  


Free Family Tree Template (Children and Adults)

If you would prefer to download and print your own family tree, download OneFams free Family Tree Template. This document contains several types of family tree template, our team are currently adding more and more templates, so be sure to check back from time to time. Good luck with your family tree.

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