Interesting Ideas and Tips for Family Portraits

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Family portraits are not only hanging images in the hallway, rather they are prized possessions. Depicting the story of generations from cradle to stick and all the important events in the life of a family, these portraits are what many people treasure for a lifetime and pass on to their generations.  This article will provide you with useful tips for family portraits.

Documentation of golden period of one’s life could not be done in a better way than photographs. They are the carriers of emotions and happiness of the time spent together as a family and memories shared which are irreplaceable. Family photos showcase not just a family but a whole era of customs, traditions, fashion and other factors. There are some of the interesting tips and tricks to capture the most memorable family portraits of all times to cherish in times to come and share with your upcoming generations. Also, beyond the regular ‘cheese’ pose which later become too familiar to find anything interesting about, there have to be something brings memory flashbacks in times to come. This article contains tips for family portraits to ensure your family gets the perfect photo every time.


Tips for Family Portraits

Family Portrait – Tips for Family Portraits


Tips for Family Portraits

The following 10 tips for family portraits will enable you to identify key considerations in shooting your next family portrait.

1 – Pick Out A Natural Background 

Natural backgrounds have an air of originality about them. It’s not that backdrops don’t work well, they do according to the perfect lighting and situation but natural background goes a step ahead in creating an interesting piece. It gives out the story of the geographical location where the portrait was taken and the condition of the place (e.g. Grandpa at the Great Wall of China in 1922) which would have been a changed one when future generations view it.


2 – Arrange a Game or Activity

The regular group photos could be a good idea for portraits but to add a spark in the portraits for times to come, involve the family in a family game they enjoy in leisure time e.g. scrabble, or an activity they enjoy together such as gardening, cooking etc. This gives room for candid photography and also captures the real emotions of the family which says more about their bonding with one another. It could also be a great source to recall the old times, later in life. Arranging a game or family activity actually gets everyone in their comfort zone, however they know they’d be photographed and could dress accordingly.


3 – Get Into A Theme

Theme photos are not only a creative idea but also gives a fun time for the family after the portrait has been captured. It’s a great idea to have a theme party for a family portrait and collection of many memories to cherish later. It looks cool and funny to see the entire family dressed in similar costumes. Use of props is also a good idea.


4 – A Favorite Place

Selecting a favorite family place or a place they all visit regularly (such as a salon or a church) could be the venue of photography with the attire and pose according to it.


5 – Events

Major events in life such as birthdays, graduation and weddings are all a chance where the family gets together and celebrate the moment. These events may also provide chances to capture the unique backgrounds and other random objects adding to the beauty of the portrait. Also, extended family members or friends get a chance to pop in.


6 – Festivities

Christmas, Thanksgiving, Easter and other celebrations are a great chance to capture family portraits too. Not only do they involve colorful objects and dresses but also give a chance of unique and hilarious poses that are long recalled.


7 – Additions to Family

Creative ideas to capture the priceless moments could be sought after (pre birth, at hospital, baptism etc). Also new pets could be included in the family portrait in the similar costume to mark them as one big family.

Do not forget to use a professional camera (of course that’s a family photograph we’re talking about), hiring a professional photographer is an even better option since he’d be equipped with all the techniques for a perfect family portrait.

8 – The Right Equipment

Equipment is essential in creating the perfect family portrait. Firstly, you need a good camera with a timer or remote, but above all you need a tripod, to keep the image still and exposure right. Today, most digital cameras have remotes or can be remotely managed from mobile phone apps. Also if the light is not good, then you should consider relocating the shoot or adding some artificial light. This can be done by including some additional spotlights. Check the shadows, if you have a lot of shadows, a light place on the same side of the shadow, pointing at the family will diffuse the shadows.

9 – Arranging the Family

This can be tricky, you need to keep balance in your image, this could range from arranging heads in a staggered sequence or balancing the males and females in the photos. You can opt for your family to pose or entice them to be a little goofy and have some fun. Both can yield beautiful pictures. Expressions are key to beautiful photos so try to capture that, there is nothing better than having a photo where personalities shine through.


10 – Existing Family Photos

Perhaps you have a printed family portrait photo you would like to digitize, if so then check our article on how to digitize photos. It’s important to preserve and store important family photos for generations to come. You would be surprised at just how much happiness can be generated from revisiting old photos and memories.

Next time your ready to take your family photo, remember these tips for family portraits and make every photo a memory.


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