The Importance of Baby Pictures


From the first cry to the mini steps taken along the coffee table, a baby’s memories are the most cherishable ones. Regardless of the sequence of a child in his/her family, every moment is as precious as the first one. The more memories that are collected, the better they are stored in the human cognitive process and the more it is linked to the halcyon times one has lived. Moreover, how would anyone know of their childhood had it not been for the pictures the parents and family have captured and kept safe in that old album.  The importance of baby pictures is a key element of the family structure and bond.

In genealogy, the importance of baby pictures are as important as they are significant to any individual, here’s how they contribute to research or genealogical studies.

Importance of Baby Pictures

1) They Complete the Family Tree

What would a family tree look like without the pictures of babies in the branches? These portraits help identification of features as well and many people love to find their tiny selves when they see the pictures later in life. The physical attributes inherited from either side of the family could be depicted in one’s pictures of early childhood. From kindergarten, children begin to learn about their family tree and the importance of photos. Quite often children will engage in the creation of family trees wither through paper templates of digital apps. OneFam’s digital app is available free for IOS and Android and friendly enough for most children to start with.


2) Memories

Pictures are synonymous with memories, especially baby pictures. Those are the memories elders have collected for times to come and to share and bond with their children. There is something sentimental and touchy about finding one’s old photos and sharing them with your next generations.  Photos help keep memories alive. How often will a child forget a trip or perhaps their first step or first day of school? Capturing and preserving memories is a beautiful memory which can be easily passed on for generations to come.


3) A Mark of Important Events

Genealogy traces important events in one’s life or that of any family members. Baby pictures include those from christening, birthdays and other important rituals. These pictures act as a tangible evidence of all the occasions attended by a person as a child and later as an adult too. A record could be easily maintained of major family events one attended and that also shows the age and era one was born in (or one’s granddad was born in) if the information is sought.


4) Number of Children

When we consider that some children die in infancy, the importance of baby pictures can increase. Often there may be no record of such children if they were unable to survive for a significant period of time. These baby pictures help keep track of all the children in one’s ancestry.  Since pictures may be rare if the infant was quiet, the importance of baby photos and the need to preserve them may even be greater.


5) Adoption Records

If any of the family members in one’s ancestry were adopted, their baby pictures could be a proof of it. Along with documentation, these pictures provide a backup for adopted children to find out their real parents. Often pictures are captured with real parents too which could help find out the biological parents if needed.  Luckily ancestry DNA  is now playing an important role in reuniting lost families. Read more about DNA Testing for Adopted Individuals.


6) Pictures Tell Stories

All pictures carry some memories with them and tell stories of the time that has gone by. The baby pictures tell stories about the lifestyle one’s family had, the area they lived in, the fashion and clothing are also depicted. Interesting facts could be gathered from baby pictures such as important family events after one’s birth, additions in the family, migration to different geographical locations etc. The family reunions, trips, picnics all can be found in baby pictures. Also, if there had been famine or war, pictures tell the true story of the events and the consequences.

Baby pictures could come in handy for genealogical research and not only that but are a great source of joy, who would have known of their first smile and how much their own infancy resembled their dad’s.

Now that you know the importance of baby pictures, you should consider ensuring that yours are preserved for future generations. If you are interested in capturing memories such as images, video, audio, events, and stories, why not try the OneFam free applications, available on Web and mobile (IOS and Android).


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