How do I Sign up to Start a Family Tree

Start a Family Tree quickly and easily with Creating your family tree is free and something all your family members can participate in. Each family has a story that makes that particular family history unique, interesting and fun to discover.

Step 1: Start A Family Tree

To get started, firstly navigate to From here, you will be able to begin the sign-up process. Once the page has loaded, Select the  “Get Started” button or the “Start Family Tree” link at the top right-hand side of the page to begin the sign-up process to start a family tree.

Start a Family Tree

Start a Family Tree

Step 2: Basic Details Required to Start A Family Tree

In order for OneFam’s system to start a family tree, you are required to provide some basic details to get started. Once the “Get Started” button or “Start Family Tree” link has been clicked a dialogue box will appear. The dialogue box will ask you a few short key questions to create your family tree on our system. To start a family tree the system sign up process will request the following information from you:

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Family Tree for Free

Start a Family Tree for Free

The table above and the screenshot shows the required information to be entered. You will start with your personal details and then move to enter your parents First Name and Last Name. Once the information has been entered, Click “Get Started” to complete the sign-up process. Your family tree will instantaneously be made available on our application. Next, we will need to ensure that your family tree is securely protected.


Step 3: Password and Activation of Family Tree

OneFam ensures that your family tree is protected through several server security mechanisms and your personal password. To ensure your family tree is adequately protected a strong password has been autogenerated and emailed to your account. You will be able to change your password at a later stage. You should navigate to the email inbox of the email account you have specified during setup. You will have received an email from OneFam which provides you with a password which is required to activate and enter your account. A return link to is also contained in your email which you can use to login to your account.

Once you have logged into your account, you may change your password under the setting section.  Should you have any problems with your password, please see the help section regarding passwords. Alternatively, contact [email protected] and our team will have you up and running in no time.