How do I start a Family Tree for Free?

Starting a family tree for free is easy using OneFams free online family tree maker. OneFam offers you the option to start your family tree for free. This will enable you to create a digital family tree, invite family members to collaborate and upload images, videos and audio files.

Basic family trees are free. Each free family tree has a limit of 250 family members and a storage limit of 500MB.

We guarantee that our free version will always be free to users.

Steps to Start a Family Tree for Free

Step 1. Create your account with OneFam by selecting the “Get Started Free” option here. Your information is private to your family tree and will not be available to the outside world. OneFam is a safe place to collaborate with family members to create your family tree and preserve your the family history.

Family Tree for Free

Start a Family Tree for Free

Step 2. Gather as much information as you can about your family and ensure you can document the information especially if it is in an oral format. Consider scanning documents and uploading them to the relative provides on your family tree.

Step 3. Add family members to your tree using the add function. As you are adding family members you may also wish to add information to their profile on your family tree.

Add Members to Family Tree

Add Members to Family Tree

Step 4. Invite family members to join and collaborate on your family tree using the invite function available on web and mobile version of Onefam.

Invite Family Members to Family tree

Invite Family Members to Family tree

Step 5. Talk to relatives to discover additional information about your family history.

Step 6. Visit libraries and record websites such as Family Search to find additional information which you can add to your OneFam user profiles.

Step 7. Keep it fun and simple. It’s important to engage all the family especially when you have the option to start a family tree for free.

Family history is more than just records, it’s the stories and the people that make us who we are today.