How Does the Ancestry DNA Test Work?

How Ancestry DNA Testing Work Overview

There are various parts to understand how Ancestry DNA Test Work. Essentially an ancestry DNA test can work by undertaking an examination of your genetic code and comparing it to other genetic codes in our database. To begin with, we first need a sample of your DNA. Normally we will take a spit or swab sample of your DNA to collect saliva using our ancestry DNA test kit. Our laboratory technicians then analyse your saliva against 800,000 different markers in your DNA to create your ancestry DNA profile.

The main advantage of OneFams DNA testing is the number of different markers and an unprecedented number of gene pools and reference populations. This enables us to identify precise geographical locations of your ancestors. Other companies often keep a much more limited composition such as regional or country.

To identify your ethnic origins OneFam compares your DNA profile against different genetic profiles of 41 gene pools and 1000 reference populations around the world. Once we have identified patterns between your ancestry DNA profile and regional profiles, we then estimate based on the match how much of you Ancestry DNA came from that region of the world. Often the results can be startling.


How OneFams Ancestry DNA Test Work?

As a customer, it is important to understand how OneFam’s ancestry DNA test work. Once you place an order with OneFam, your kit is dispatched the same day to you. Your kit contains a set of instructions to accurately take your saliva and provides you with cotton swabs and a free collection kit to return your samples to our lab. To take the sample, simply rub the saw on the inside of your cheeks to collect saliva, in other words, collect a sample of your DNA. Once you have successfully collected your samples, you may use the prepaid envelope to return the samples to our lab. Once the samples have been received our team begin the process of analysing and comparing your DNA.

Results are normally available within 2-3 weeks from receipt of your DNA samples. Once results are available you will receive an email confirming that your personal ancestry DNA report has been uploaded to your secure account and is ready for viewing.


Ancestry DNA Test Process

  1. Purchases your DNA kit
  2. Register your DNA kit online
  3. Collect DNA samples
  4. Analyse DNA samples
  5. Receive Report