What is the Meaning of Family History?

Meaning of Family History

The meaning of family history is a reference to genealogy which explores the life and details of people within specific families. What people mean by family history refers to the discovery process involved in identifying the people, facts, places and records which relate to family members within the searched family. This can include facts gathered from birth certs, marriage certs, death records, immigration records and military records and so on.

When identifying information for family history reports and family tree charts form a huge part of the presentation of information. Family history includes the process of tracing family history as far back as possible and identifying family relatives. It’s important to establish facts to relate to and match the data.

In today’s world, it can often be difficult to understand what do they mean by family history as the term has often been used interchangeably with the term genealogy. Many consider genealogy to include the research and inclusion of names and data into reports and charts, while family history can suggest a more personal level of understanding, one which enables you to “know” the individual.

Family History and Healthcare

Family history is also very important in healthcare as family history can give clues to medical conditions which run in a family. Doctors often strive to discover these family history patterns of disorders within an extended family unit. By determining and understanding these family history patterns, medical professionals can determine possible future risks for family members in certain conditions. This combined with advances in DNA is enabling new drugs and prevention methods being employed.

meaning of family history

Meaning of Family History

Discover the Health Meaning of Family History Yourself

Create your family tree with Onefam and invite family members to collaborate. As your family tree grows, you will learn more about the meaning of family history. Family patterns will be displayed under the Family > Statistics section. This will provide you with vital information surrounding patterns of death, illnesses etc which can be very useful from a medical perspective. Overall the meaning of family history goes far beyond the meaning from a genealogy term to something much more diverse.

Meaning of Family History Statistics

Meaning of Family History Statistics


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