Can You Tell a Person’s Race by Their DNA

Can You Tell a Person’s Race by Their DNA?

While genetic information can be uniquely associated to a specific person from just a saliva sample or piece of here, there is so much more our DNA can tell us. DNA can also tell us if you have increased the risk of certain medical conditions or provide information on our ethnic makeup. A common question is whether you can tell a person’s race by their DNA and the answer is in some ways yes.

Tell a Person's Race by Their DNA

Can you Tell a Person’s Race by Their DNA?

It is difficult to exactly pin down ancestral ethnicity and race based on DNA alone. It is therefore important that we have a clear understanding of what information is exactly been presented to us. Once we have our genes or DNA tested, we can find relatives based on our DNA.  DNA can identify that you are related to a certain group of people who lived in a place, it does not genetically mean you are from that particular place. A good way to consider DNA is as containing the story of our DNA and ancestors.

OneFam’s ancestry DNA test compares the markers identified in your DNA to its database from all other people around the world. We then use those markers to make a determination of your ancestry based on the comparisons. OneFam uses one of the largest databases in the world to compare your DNA to give you the most accurate result. Learn more about how DNA testing works.

Your DNA is compared against 800,000 markers, genetic profiles of 41 gene pools and 1000 reference populations around the world. This is an important consideration when selecting your DNA test. You should compare the above information against competitors. The bigger the database, the more accurate your results. With a smaller database, it could mean the difference between denoting you as 10% Irish as opposed to Scandinavian (Viking) simply because the reference population is not big enough. We now understand what is involved in DNA and how it can tell a person’s race by their DNA

Ancestry DNA Testing

Ancestry DNA Testing