10 Ways to Locate Asian Ancestry

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It can be difficult to Locate Asian Ancestry.  Locating ancestors in different regions other than your own could be an interesting task, but it can be time-consuming and complicated as well. DNA testing is a great way to find about maternal and paternal lineages, and if you happen to trace one of them to Asian origin, you will need to work extra hard to locate it. However, the time-consuming task will be worthwhile if the project successfully achieves its targets to trace the ancestry. With Asian ancestry, the research has to be thorough and needs a lot of information on the location and other directions leading towards accurate results. Here’s how Asian ancestry could be located: 

1 – Geographical Location 

The first step recommended to locate Asian ancestry is to start with listing down the location your family has migrated from and the location of all the relatives in the Asian region. It is better to start in an organized manner and go along with assortment later, country, city, and then different areas. Going down with the list of geographical location makes it easier to trace records according to different countries and states as well.  


2 – Family Tree 

Track down your family tree and see which of the side of family has been in Asian countries. Since Asia is a large continent, you need to know which part of the region your ancestors belonged to, so that their ethnicity could be traced too.  


3 – Use Your Pool of Information 

Include all the basic information in your research about your family. Information such as birth dates, deaths, marriages and migrations are very important to keep with you while you try to locate Asian ancestry. This data within family serves to be a key in many aspects when records are to be accessed.  As it may be difficult to locate Asian ancestry, this can prove a vital clue in your search.


4 – Internet- The worldwide Connectivity 

Use the internet as it proves to be an amazing data resource for genealogy projects aiming at tracing relatives. Ancestral websites providing information on one’s lineage help trace the roots to various other regions. The internet could also be a great resource to locate the relatives that could contribute to your research. 


5 – Asian Genealogical Resources 

Asian genealogy resources present on the internet could come in handy when trying to locate your Asian ancestral background. Websites such as ancestry.com and cyndilist.com provide a vast amount of data for family tree research and to trace ancestors in different regions.  


6 – Interview Relatives with Direct Relation To Asian Ancestors 

Include relatives by asking for their help on your project with all the information they possess. If the family tree shows a distant relation with Asian ancestors, distant relatives could come handy with providing information about location and occupations of the Asian ancestors. 


7 – Message Boards 

Online message boards are a great forum to locate your Asian ancestors. There are a large number of members on message boards and different discussion forums could be initiated to help out with tracing your Asian ancestors. Many genealogists could be tracked and contacted this way that could be of much help with their skills, expertise, and abundant knowledge of resources and research tactics. Ancestry.com provides such message boards and forums for discussions. Rootsweb.com provides message boards too.  


8 – Read Books 

Books are replete with knowledge on any of the type of genealogical research you might be conducting. Books help in Asian ancestral research as well as provide information on the history of different regions, surnames, and migrations of clans over time. Online libraries could be contacted for genealogical work published on Asian ancestry. Famous People of Asian Ancestry (Volume 1,2,3, 4 & 5), Online database of Ancestery.com, Cengage Advantage Books: A People and a Nation: A History of the United States (by Mary Beth Norton, Carol Sheriff, David W. Blight, Howard Chudacoff) contains information on Asian immigrants, Genealogy in Time Magazine provides online records for Asian genealogy too.  


9 – Trace By Occupations 

Occupations of ancestors could be found from their generations or any of the documents they possess and that could be of great help. With records of employing firms, the Asian ancestors could be traced in their region.  


10 – Travel

Not only would it prove to be a wonderful journey learning different cultures, it would be a lot easier to trace your Asian ancestors if you reach the physical boundaries and carry the research rather than relying merely on online sources.  

Asian bloodlines have migrated a lot over time in different parts of the world and if you find your DNA to be connected to one of the Asian country’s lineage, don’t give up on the chance to learn about your Asian ancestors and learn about their lifestyle, occupations, reasons for migration and more information as per your research project. DNA can be an excellent way to locate Asian ancestry. 

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