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By November 22, 2017Family Journals
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Dublin, Ireland – 22/Nov/2017

Each of us has a unique and interesting family story, a story which is quite often lost to time. Your family story is more than a collection of records, facts and figures. It’s the people, places and events who define each family story. Do you ever wonder about things you said as a child? What about your grandfather’s childhood memories or your mother’s first impression of your father when they first met? These are the moments that define our family story. Isn’t time to capture, share and preserve these moments and strengthen family bonds with OneFam’s unique journal set.


OneFam has released its first eight interactive journals in the “Your Family Story” series. With over 2,000 copies sold within the first ten days, the series has already set its sights high. The first eight journals centres around strengthening family bonds and sharing fun and interesting information between grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren.

The journals have been made available through all major bookstores just in time for Christmas. No doubt they will make the perfect Christmas present, introducing families to sharing family history in an engaging, interactive and fun way. Each journal offers guided prompts, questions and activities to help share your story as well as preserving some family photos. Beautifully designed in full colour and fully illustrated to make a lasting present. Each journal is retailing at just $14,95, £11.95 and €12.99 respectively.

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The first eight titles launched include:

  1. Grandfather’s Memories: A Memory Journal for a Grandchild
  2. Grandmothers Memories: A Memory Journal for a Grandchild
  3. Just Mom and Me: A Mother – Daughter Journal
  4. Just Mom and Me: A Mother – Son Journal
  5. Just Dad and Me: A Father – Daughter Journal
  6. Just Dad and Me: A Father – Son Journal
  7. My Kid’s Quotes: A Parents’ Journal of Memorable Quotes
  8. My Grandkid’s Quotes: A Grandparents’ Journal of Memorable Quotes

The books are available from all leading book retailers. These retailers include OneFam, Amazon, B&N, Book Depository, Waterstones and many more.


About OneFam

Founded in 2016, OneFam is the easy way to discover, preserve and relive your family history anywhere anytime. OneFam aims to make family history available to as many families as possible.

Our suite of products enables family members to Connect, Share and Protect their family history for generations to come. Our suite of products include:
–  Interactive Journals to record memories,
– Family Tree Software (web, mobile and desktop),
– Ancestry DNA Testing and
– Family History Research.

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