Preserving Family Moments

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As we progress through our daily lives a lifetime of memories are created. Some are remembered, some are forgotten, and others just fade in time. This stands true for each of our family members. Just consider for a moment those moments that are lost in time. Your first step, your child’s first day at school, a fishing trip you and your brothers went on as kids. Will these stories be passed down from generation to generation or will they be lost in time? It is important we consider different methods to preserving family moments and memories.

As technology progresses, we are offered new and exciting ways to preserve family memories. Creating a rich digital legacy for all your family members may seem like a complex and difficult task. However, through family collaboration the process of creating a media-rich family history is easy. Family Connect is just one of several companies offering various methods to share and store family history. Mobile phones loaded with apps such as the family connect app enables us to take a photo, video or voice message and upload it to the family connect cloud and share with our family members quickly and easily.


Preserving Family Moments

So how should you go about creating that all-important family legacy and start preserving family moments?


1. Collaboration

Just imagine the last family wedding you attended. You probably captured some images or video but you also probably missed some. Perhaps you missed the first dance. That’s ok because, your cousin Dave, caught it with his phone and you’ll send him an email and he’ll send some pictures or video to you via email or via Facebook. You could probably upload your photos and Daves (when they arrive) too to Dropbox or Flickr or Instagram. These websites work, although there is a difference between preserving and storing memories. To create a family memory, we need real collaboration amongst family members. Now imagine the same family wedding created as an event on Family Connect. Various family members are uploading media and writing stories related to the event directly from their phone. Together, the memory of the event is completely captured and available to all the family. So how do we get family members to collaborate and help in preserving family moments?


2. Family Tree

Creating a family tree has never been easier thanks to family websites such as OneFam and similar sites. Adding family members just involve the click of a button. As family trees are built, you are offered the opportunity to invite family members to contribute. Contribution can involve adding other family members to the tree or adding facts or media about listed family members or even simply creating family events or stories. This even enables you to reach out to distant family members. As family members see a value in the resource, their contribution to your family tree grows. Just imagine the details you will uncover such as maiden names, long lost cousins, and relatives who passed away young or facts about their work like or education. As generations grow and are added to the family tree, they are presented with a rich and exciting journey into their family history. Start preserving family moments with OneFam Web Applications or Mobile Application.


3. Historical Records

We have all found ourselves in a position where we are going through an old photo box and came across some old birth certificates or extract from the newspaper. These documents and extracts often get lost to time. Simply scanning the documents or taking a photograph from your mobile phone and uploading them to your family tree profile enables all your family members to cherish those memories. Just imagine the surprise on your daughters face when’s she sees her mother as a child attending a local fair. Various other documents can be found in libraries and archives, most of which can now be accessed by the Internet.

If you are interested in preserving family moments, adding historical records can give a new dimension to your family history.


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