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10 Easy Fathers Day Crafts Ideas for Kids

Fathers Day Craft Ideas Before we dive into all the exciting fathers day craft ideas, its important that we are familiar with the concept of fathers day and more importantly, when is Fathers day. What is Fathers Day Fathers day is one of those special dates in your calendar when we get to celebrate and…
May 30, 2018
game of thrones Preserving Your Family History

Game of Thrones Family Tree

Game of Thrones Family Tree For those interested in the Game of Thrones Family Tree it can be quiet difficult to follow. Various relationships and family connections exist amongst the different families of Westeros. One of the reasons for this is that there are 9 great houses in the show, each with a multitude of…
May 23, 2018
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OneFam’s Releases “Your Family Story” Journal Series

Dublin, Ireland – 22/Nov/2017 Each of us has a unique and interesting family story, a story which is quite often lost to time. Your family story is more than a collection of records, facts and figures. It’s the people, places and events who define each family story. Do you ever wonder about things you said…
November 22, 2017
family tree Preserving Your Family History

How To Use A Family Tree Template

More and more people are interested in finding out more about their ancestors and their ancient ethnic background these days. Due to this growing interest, family tree and other genealogy projects are been undertaken by a large number of people. It is estimated that about 45 percent of the US population is interested in one or…
August 28, 2017
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5 Online Family Crest Resources 

Genealogy, which is defined as the study of family history and tracing lineages and ancestral history, seeks to collect various types of information. Whether you’re an expert genealogist working on a major project or an individual looking for some ways to find out more about your family history, you will be required to collect several types of…
August 16, 2017
baby Preserving Your Family History

The Importance of Baby Pictures

From the first cry to the mini steps taken along the coffee table, a baby’s memories are the most cherishable ones. Regardless of the sequence of a child in his/her family, every moment is as precious as the first one. The more memories that are collected, the better they are stored in the human cognitive process and the more…
July 30, 2017
map DNA, Genetics & Medical History

Autosomal DNA Testing for Beginners

Science has become more advanced and exciting over the past few years, and DNA genealogy is no exception. Many new techniques of DNA testing have been introduced that are not only very affordable, but also offer accurate results in a short amount of time. One such technique is Autosomal DNA Testing that helps us find our genealogical…
July 23, 2017
family colours and crest Family Crest

Meanings of Colors in a Coat of Arms

What is a Family Crest or Coat of Arms? The terms "coat of arms" and "crest" are often used interchangeably, but there are differences between the two. Although, the differences may be considered minor and technical,  for anyone serious about the study of genealogy, the should be noted. The article below explains the difference as…
July 18, 2017
Family tree software Genealogy Software

Tips For Choosing The Right Family Tree Software 

Whenever you’re working on a project that involves handling of a large amount of data, it is recommended to use a software program to make the process easier and less time-consuming. The same stands true for a genealogy or family research project. If you’re ready to know more about your ancestors and create your own…
July 16, 2017