surname image Preserving Your Family History

Meaning of Surnames – Whats in a Name?

Meaning of Surnames A name identifies an individual and is the first form of identity. The same goes for the meaning of surnames. Not only does it defines from where we belong but tells a lot more about our family history and ancestors’ roots. Genealogists pay great consideration to search one’s ancestors and the numerous details requested…
July 11, 2017
hereditary disease DNA, Genetics & Medical History

 Learn About Hereditary Diseases and DNA Testing

DNA Testing is closely linked to connecting with one’s biological family and learning about family ancestry but is not limited to it. The use of DNA testing has been covering a wide range of issues and medical concerns which were not thought of as a possible option a few decades earlier. The advancement and development in DNA…
July 9, 2017
family around computer Preserving Your Family History

8 Mistakes To Avoid When Creating A Family Tree

The very thought of genealogical research often is interpreted as an extensive road trip to great-grandparents’ hometown and probing into all the records stored in the family house, which is also a part of the projects in many cases, but that’s not all that it is about. Some lack time and some lack resources which often results in a quick way…
July 2, 2017
family photos Preserving Your Family History

How to Make Your Family Photos Last Forever

Whether you are taking family photos and/or thinking about digitizing old family photos, your primary goal is always to make your family photos last forever. After all, it’s all about saving the memories and making sure they are available to generations that succeed you. This article will share a few tips on how you can make…
July 1, 2017
family crests Family Crest

Benefits of Knowing Your Family Crest

“What is the meaning of my surname?” You must have asked this question at least once in your lifetime from yourself or from an older member of your family. Knowing the meaning of your family’s surname can help you gather valuable information about your family and your ancestors. A family crest is often directly linked…
June 29, 2017
father son dinner Family Values

9 Family Communication Strategies for a Happy Family Life

It is said that family who preys together stays together. It is more about being able to be there for one another as a support system and communicate effectively during the meal, which is imperative of strength in the bonding as a family unit. Preference of table talks over movies during dinner has been a…
June 27, 2017
ancestors immigration line Historical Records

How To Locate Ancestors Immigration Records

Searching for family records could be a difficult task in itself, and that too of the ancestors whose location you are partly unsure of. Genealogical research could be both, time-consuming and costly in some cases, especially if you are going to search in the records which have ambiguous information or the location is difficult to…
June 25, 2017
family together Family Values

How to Bring Family Together Using Keepsakes

Discovering how to bring a family together can be difficult. Family keepsakes, despite their size and date they belong to, are a precious asset kept safe usually in closets and also to share the memories of past with the future generations. From the dust of the yesteryears, the new stories could take place with the…
June 21, 2017
old newspaper articles Historical Records

How to Search Old Newspapers for Ancestors

Genealogical research needs to be backed by concrete evidence to support the findings and make it an authentic piece of research to further pass on to related people and future generations. One of the sources of genealogical information is the newspapers of old times - the digitalized versions of these newspapers are a wonderful source…
June 19, 2017
family in the garden Family Values

Interesting Ideas and Tips for Family Portraits

Family portraits are not only hanging images in the hallway, rather they are prized possessions. Depicting the story of generations from cradle to stick and all the important events in the life of a family, these portraits are what many people treasure for a lifetime and pass on to their generations.  This article will provide…
June 16, 2017
family history picture OneFam News Blogs

OneFam is Changing How Family History is Captured

Changing Family History - OneFam Launches New Software Dublin, June 13th 2017. For immediate release. Today OneFam launches on crowd-funding site Kickstarter. OneFam hopes to raise €10,000 to launch our beta version to the market with early bird offers on our ancestry DNA test and premium software subscription. OneFam's goal is dominated by changing family history approaches in…
June 13, 2017