death certificate Historical Records

The Value of Death Records in Genealogy Research

Genealogical research for ancestral backgrounds is an interesting project for someone trying to dig out information about their family history or working for an organization for the same purpose, and it gets difficult many times when an individual is unable to access information that is either lost or probably considered sensitive to be shared publicly.…
June 12, 2017
Archive- family keepsakes Family Values

How to Organize and Archive Family Keepsakes

A lot of family archives get handed down in a similar condition: a mess of historical documents, heirlooms, and well, other “stuff”. It can really be an overwhelming responsibility if you are the one who is in charge of taking care of all the archives. You have just received a lifetime worth of belongings from…
June 9, 2017
DNA immigration map DNA, Genetics & Medical History

How We Can Build a Family Tree With DNA

DNA genealogy is a nascent field and we are surprised at how quickly it is developed. Before DNA genealogy all that people had to look for ancestors were paper records. Paper records are fantastic and give us a lot of information about our ancestors but they have server limitations. For one thing, you can only…
June 7, 2017
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7 Tips to Identify Relatives In Old Family Photos

If you are a genealogist or an individual on a mission to discover your family history, your family’s old photographs can provide you valuable clues in your genealogical endeavor. Researching family history in old photographs is like uncovering genealogical treasure.  Equally rewarding is being able to identify relatives in old family photos. When researching your…
June 6, 2017
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Finding the Birthplace of an Ancestor Who Migrated

Finding the birthplace of an ancestor can be difficult. Searching for ancestors who have migrated gets even more tricky. As you discover new places where they have been, you can often discover that vital pieces of information are missing. However, it is not impossible to trace the location they have settled in overtime and where…
June 2, 2017
old picture Preserving Your Family History

How to Label Digital Family Photos

Walking down the memory lane with photographs brings moments of joy and a sheer pleasure to see the generations evolving from baby steps to giant strides and from sheepish grins to guffaws. Even better is the fact to find out the dates and descriptions written behind the old family photos to mark the moments clearly.…
June 1, 2017
grandma, mom, daughter Preserving Your Family History

60 Questions When Interviewing Relatives

Identifying questions when interviewing relatives can be difficult. Genealogy projects tend to develop a great pool of information about one’s ancestral background. Seeking information about ancestors includes researching on old data file records, photographs, meeting relatives, interviewing family members and using various forms of information. However, a resource of useful information can be discovered if…
May 31, 2017
family tree wall decal Preserving Your Family History

How to Create Your Family Tree

A family tree is the most common form of visually documenting one's ancestry. Have you ever thought about how to create your family tree? If you answered yes, this article is just for you then. The following are six simple steps that will help you out immensely should you decide to create your family tree.…
May 30, 2017
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How to Recognise and Date Old Photos

The ability to date old photos is hugely thrilling. As Karl Langerfeld points out “What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” The power of photographs to bring back the moments once lived by individuals is an essence found in very rare things. When it is about…
May 29, 2017
woman reading Preserving Your Family History

10 Ways to Trace Your Relatives

The Internet has made life easy in many aspects and one of the many benefits that it offers is a chance to know more about our descendants. There are various methods as well as websites that help you trace your relatives and discover important information about our relatives. Whether you simply want to experience that…
May 27, 2017
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Tips To Create Family History CD

While organizing one’s genealogical records could be great fun be it digging the family attic or going through old documents in order to obtain useful information for the family tree; all of it could be an interesting activity. So, who wouldn’t want to share the information with other members of the family and relatives when…
May 26, 2017
family photo Genealogy Associations

How to Become a Professional Genealogist

Being a professional genealogist is not a random choice made without much research and study, this option is chosen keeping in mind all the dimensions. Personal assessment of one’s own skills is highly important in order to become a professional genealogist. Abundant information on the area you live in and about the whereabouts is one…
March 15, 2017