Old pictures Preserving Your Family History

9 Tips to Research Your Family History

Family history is an important area for most people as it provides a direct link to our past, our heritage and explains much about who we are today. In addition family history also provides us with a variety of health information as families have many common factors including genes, environment and lifestyle. Many of us…
November 29, 2016
old photos Preserving Your Family History

Digitize Old Family Photos in Easy Steps

Photos are an essential part of our lives, and with the advancement of technology, it has become easier to capture and store photos. However, old photos, which were printed on paper, can be difficult to store. They may get damaged or get torn, and as a result, you may lose the chance to relive the…
August 30, 2016
old photo and a book Preserving Your Family History

9 Tips to Scan Old Family Photos

Whether it is a serious genealogy report you need to prepare on the evolution of a genetic disease or is it a birthday slideshow you are planning to run on your grandparents’ anniversary, family photos have a great significance. The family pictures of cherished moments, important events and even the random ones contain volumes of…
August 19, 2016
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How Cluster Genealogy Helps In Building Family History

For ages, people have lived in communities and developed numerous connections based on blood relations, friendships, work and availing numerous chances of acquaintance. Genealogists could not be far behind when it comes to something with connections and relationships using the data to further enhance their research. The genealogists came up with a research technique to…
August 8, 2016
family scrapbook Preserving Your Family History

How to Create a Digital Family Scrapbook

Creating a digital family scrapbook is a great way to connect with your heritage as you preserve their stories and photos for your own delight, as well as for the generations that will follow. Your heritage is where you come from, so it basically includes your parents, grandparents, and all of those who came before…
July 14, 2016
young family Preserving Your Family History

Modern Family History and How to Preserve it

Nowadays, it is easy to forget about your family history and family roots with all that goes on. Our societies used to have much more focus on the extended family and the family history. People knew the stories of their lineage and were proud of the accomplishments of their ancestors. We are much more independent…
June 24, 2016
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Google Search Tips for Genealogists

People searching for documents and information pertaining to their ancestors have found Google to be an amazing hub of information but many times individuals are unable to get to the core of everything they could possibly search using Google, that’s where the learning of tips pitches in. OneFam has put together some very useful Google…
June 7, 2016
vintage family photo Preserving Your Family History

5 Tips to Identify Family Members In Old Family Photos

Identify Family Members In Old Family Photos If you are a genealogist or an individual on a mission to discover your family history, your family’s old photographs can provide you valuable clues in your genealogical endeavour. Researching family history in old photographs is like uncovering genealogical treasure. It can be difficult however to identify family…
May 25, 2016