DNA, Genetics & Medical History

DNA Testing for Adopted Children

Adoption still seems to be a secretive process for some people. The lengthened procedures of agencies and the choice of couples to hide it from their children often leads to complications once the child gets to know about the adoption later in life. Without much information at hand about one’s biological parents or their whereabouts,…
April 26, 2016
Preserving Your Family History

4 Tips to Discover Family Stories

Every family has a story. Do you know what’s yours? Perhaps it's time for you to discover family stories about your family and their history. Despite the fact that it’s essential to collect records and dates about your ancestors, it’s the stories that really count as they add a spark to your family tree, resultantly…
February 29, 2016

What is a GEDCOM File and Benefits of GEDCOM

With its first flight in 1984, GEDCOM has been on an expedition for success throughout the years since its inception.  GEDCOM is an acronym for Genealogical Data Communication but is not a communication tool; it is a file format to share data among genealogical software. GEDCOM was specially designed for transfer of genealogical data in…
February 8, 2016
Preserving Your Family History

Preserving Family Moments

As we progress through our daily lives a lifetime of memories are created. Some are remembered, some are forgotten, and others just fade in time. This stands true for each of our family members. Just consider for a moment those moments that are lost in time. Your first step, your child’s first day at school,…
September 16, 2015