My Kids Quotes – A Journal of Memorable Quotes

Size:6 * 9 Inches
Color:Full Color with Illustrations
Published:November 2017
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Kids say the most outrageous, surprising and often embarrassing things with a hilarious degree to timing. As a parent, we are terrified that we cannot choose which memories will be lost or retained, perhaps it will be something really important like those cute little things they used to say, or their first word, mispronounced words or simply a saying which brought us to the edge of hysterics.

OneFam’s “My Kid’s Quotes” journal is filled colorful pages to capture, preserve and share those precious moments and ensure a lasting memory remains for generations to come. Easily record the hilarious, unexpected and witty things kids say, which in time will make a wonderful keepsake present to pass to your kid.

  • Interactive Kid Quotes Journal
  • Capture and record your kid’s most precious and memorable quotes
  • Beautifully designed illustrations to make this a beautiful lasting present
  • Acid-free paper to preserve your memories for a lifetime
  • 6in * 9in, 144 pages

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