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Genealogy Software

Discover your ancestral origins and trace your
lineage with a personalised analysis of your DNA.

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Genealogy Software

OneFam’s genealogy software enables family members to connect, share and preserve family memories and history. Create your family tree quickly and easily with out desktop version. Make your family history media rich by attaching video, photo, audio and other research files to family members. Even create unique and interesting events and stories about your family.


Our desktop genealogy software enables the user to gather and arrange data offline as well as working with multiple family trees. OneFam utilises cutting edge technology to allow features similar to its online version, even enabling a desktop-cloud secure data sync to upload data to your online storage and backup location.


OneFam’s genealogy software is ideal for any genealogists wishing to back up their research securely and privately in a cloud environment while continuing to conduct research offline. OneFam provides user with the capability of producing advanced charts and reports as well as adding notes and research links to media elements. These features that make OneFam an ideal software solution for anyone researching family history such as genealogists, researchers and hobbyists or those concerned with online security.

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