Genealogy Gift Card

The OneFam gift card is the ultimate gift card for all avid genealogists or the hobbyist, interested in discovering their family history. Tracking their past will enable them to discover more about where they come from. With a gift card, your loved one can explore their passion for family history enabling our experts to begin researching and discovering ancestors, records, articles, clippings and much more. It is the perfect start to the creation of your loved ones family tree or an important resource to help them get past a brick wall they have encountered in their research.

Once you have completed your order a printed and packaged gift card will be delivered direct to your door or we’ll send it straight to your loved one.

Family history is a journey your whole family can take together.
Discover your past, your origins, your ancestors.

Research Your Family History

With a team of over 30 professional genealogist,OneFam enables you to dive
deep into your family history on a voyage of discovery across generations.

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