Family Tree Mobile App

Create and develop your family history on the go through our mobile apps for Android & IOS.

Family Tree Mobile App

Our mobile applications which enable you and your family to collaborate together to create a rich and exciting family history. Create and build your family tree and story on the go. Each family member can upload images, video and audio to your protect and share your  family moments.

Our users will presented with updates (Push Notifications) such as “Uncle John’s has uploaded a new family picture”, “Your Great grandfather Peter’s birth cert has been updated by Susan” or a new family event, story or discussion has been created or updated.

How Our Users Preserve Family History




How James uses our Family Tree Mobile App

Family Wedding

James created his wedding event using OneFam's app and asked his family to contribute to his wedding memory. Soon all family members at the wedding had downloaded the app.


At the end of the day, James had 60 new additions to his family tree, 22 video and 127 beautiful photos.

How Lauren uses our Family Tree Mobile App

Birthday Video

Lauren uploaded a birthday video for her daughter Sophia's 1st, 2nd and 3rd birthday to Sophia's profile.

Lauren made those memories private, just between herself and Sophia. Sophia can now relive those memories for years to come and perhaps someday pass them to her children or even do the same.

How Emma uses our Family Tree Mobile App

World War Veteran

Emma, interviewed and recorded her Dad's war story from World War 2. At just 19, he was one of the youngest members of the USS Arkansas battleship, providing support of the US 29th Infantry Division during the D Day landings.


His story is now viewable to all family members through OneFam's family tree software.



Protect Your Family Story

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  •    Invite Family Members to Collaborate
  •    Preserve Media, Events & Stories
  •    12 Languages Available
  •    Instant Notifications
  •    Preserve Family Moments
  •    Relive Family History
  •    Create Your Family Tree
  •    Leave Audio Messages
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  •   Secure & Easy to Use

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Private & Secure Data Exchange

We ensure that all your account, personal information and data are completely confidential.


Our web systems employ multiple levels of encryption and is of similar standard to banking systems.


Privacy of OneFam's Family Tree Mobile App