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Learn how a story drove two friends to develop
the family tree software you use today!

OneFam was founded in 2016 by Thomas O’Donoghue and (Bernard) Tao Cui. OneFam was founded following a deep conversation about Tao’s grandfather. Bernard’s (Tao Cui) grandfather is war hero from Second World War. To understand our story, you fist must understand his story, told by Bernard.

“At every family dinner in the Cui household, a certain place is held for the rendition of a story. A story of courage, of bravery, of family that starts in a small town in the north of China, 150 KM south of the capital Beijing in 1941. The small town was Xushui was occupied by Japanese soldiers. A group of young Chinese soldiers gathered together in a small village in late October, their number was 130 in total. Their mission was to liberate their town. The majority were in their early 20s, and my grandfather was one of them, the youngest at only 17. Japanese soldiers got the news, 5000 soldiers surrounded the little village and attacked the Chinese soldiers.

My grandfather, is an easy-going man, he said that was the only time he was rushed, he fought and ran to avoid capture. Eventually he found shelter on a mountain side. Several days later, he made it back to his base. Later he heard over 70 of his friends where killed by the Japanese, over 30 captured by the Japanese and taken prisoner. Less than 20 got out. Some of his friends and some of his officers killed themselves to avoid capture.

That event changed his life, he feels guilty, ashamed because all his friends are gone and he is still alive. Ever since then, he chose to live on the minimum, he turned down all the job promotions, he doesn’t buy any new clothes , he rarely buy or eat any meat because it is more expensive. He spent a lot time goes to schools to give presentations and telling his story, he wants remind others one group of young patriots dead for China’s freedom.

Grandfather is 90 years old now, for last few years he got very weak and forgetful, his story got shorter and shorter.” Sadly he passed away in March 2017

Now to tell you our story. With such a story in hand, Bernard was looking for a way to preserve family stories his and to one day tell the story to his daughter Aine and share with her, memories of her great grandfather and so much more.

This is where our mission began after and much disappointment with existing software, we decided to develop a suite of products to make family history accessible to all families and allow each generation the opportunity to capture and relive family stories and moments.